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The latest GIT Version of HMG is 3.5.

Download the version 3.5 from here (135 MB)

The previous version of HMG is 3.4.4

Download the version 3.4.4 from here (64 MB).

For 64 Bit developers, you have to download and install Harbour64 and MingW64 from here (15 MB) and here (71 MB)respecitvely.

Change log:

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-HMG 3.4.4 2017/03/29
   - Fixed bug in BrowseUpdate function of Browse control(contrib by Marek)
   - Fixed bug in _ActivateWindow when use debug with modal window
   - Fixed bug in grid onquery event
   - Fixed bug in grid when load NIL values(hb_ValToStr)
   - Fixed bug in grid inplace column (contrib by ASESORMIX)
   - Implemented GetProperty ReadOnly EditBox and TextBox
   - Fixed bug in BT_BitmapSaveFile() function (reported by Roberto Lopez)
   - Fixed problem in Navigator.htm file of documentation (contrib by Roberto Lopez)
   - Fixed bug in GetLastActiveFormIndex() and GetLastActiveControlIndex() functions (contrib by Pablo Cesar)
   - Fixed bug in GetMainFormName() and GetMainFormHandle() functions (contrib by KDJ)
   - Fixed leak memory in HMG_UPPER and HMG_LOWER functions (reported by KDJ)
   - Fixed bug in HMG_EditControlGetSel() function (contrib by KDJ)
   - Fixed bug in HMG_ISALPHA, HMG_ISDIGIT, HMG_ISLOWER, HMG_ISUPPER, HMG_ISALPHANUMERIC functions (reported by Esgici)
   - Fixed functions BT_DrawTextXXX, BT_DrawTextEx ( see SaveDC in the code )
   - New: BT_DrawEMF ( [ hDC ] , cFileNameOld , cFileNameNew , cFuncNameCallBack )  ---> Return nError, e.g. Zero is OK
   - New: BT_BitmapIsValidFileImage( cFileName ) 
   - Fixed bug in WM_NEXTDLGCTL message ( reported by KDJ )
   - Fixed bug in COLUMNCONTROLS (allow lower case labels) in Grid control ( reported by Miszler.zoltan )
   - Fixed bug in InplaceEdit cell with press ENTER in Grid Control ( reported by Marek )
   - Fixed bug in filter data in Grid with Rowsource ( reported by Tonton2 ) 
   - Fixed bug in change recno() when mouse move over of Grid with Rowsource ( reported by KDJ ) 
   - Fixed bug when call DeleteColumn( 1 ) with a Grid with only one column ( reported by t57042 )
   - Fixed bug when change image in Button control ( reported by Chrisjx2002 )
   - Fixed bugs in DOC files ( contrib by Pablo Cesar )
   - Fixed bug in virtual grid in HMG ANSI version with Chinese characters ( contrib by Huiyi_ch )
   - Fixed bug in GetStartUpFolder() function ( contrib by Pablo Cesar )
   - New methods BLen, BLeft, BRight, BSubStr in HMG_TString class ( contrib by huiyi_ch )
   - Now for default SET WINDOW MAIN FIRST is OFF
   NOTE: The RECNO property of the Grid control not changes the current physical record number of the DBF file, only convert between the row of grid and the recno of the DBF.
      - Get Grid.RECNO --> convert Logical  record ( grid row ) to Physical record ( DBF recno )
      - Set Grid.RECNO := XXX --> convert the Physical record XXX ( recno ) to Logical  record ( grid row )
   - Enhanced SET HELP FILE and HELP BUTTON for support .CHM file format (see SAMPLES\Basics\Help ) ( contrib by Kevin Carmody )
   - Added CHM compile and decompile batch file makechm.bat ( see in SAMPLES\Basics\Help ) ( contrib by Kevin Carmody )
   - Added ON KEY, RELEASE KEY, and STORE KEY commands to ( contrib by Kevin Carmody )
   - Updated SAMPLES\Events\On_Key\ON_KEY1 and ON_KEY3 ( contrib by Kevin Carmody )
   - Upgraded HFCL sample WordScribe ( see SAMPLES\HFCL\WordScribe ) ( contrib by Kevin Carmody )
   - Added new HFCL sample WordWriter ( see SAMPLES\HFCL\WordWriter ) ( contrib by Kevin Carmody )
   - NEW HMG Multi-Thread:
      - Added directive -ldflag="-pthread -static -lpthread" in HBMK2 for static link of pthread library in the files Build.bat and Build64.bat
      - For default HMG compile with the directive -mt of the HBMK2 ( for default Muti-thread is yes )
      - Now HMG support the same behaviour that Harbour for Thread manager: allow run without INHERIT PUBLIC vars, see demos in folder samples/MultiThread 
      - New many functions for Thread manager( see files source\c_thread.c and include\ GetCurrentThreadId, GetCurrentThreadHandle,
         AttachThreadInput, SuspendThread, ResumeThread, SwitchToThread, Sleep, SetThreadPriority, GetThreadPriority, EnumThreadID, 
         HMG_ThreadHBtoWinHandle, HMG_ThreadHBtoWinID, HMG_ThreadShareData 
   - New: IDE ver 1.2a, now the option menu delete file not delete file of the disk, only eliminate the file of the project.