Path of HMG installation - Restrictions

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Path of HMG installation - Restrictions

Post by Pablo César » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:28 pm

Hello everyone, I bring this theme to everyone's knowledge. Maybe some already know from the own experience but I have never read anything in the forum about this specifically.

When we installed HMG on our hard drive we opted, mostly make two choose: registered and unregistered.

The difference of both is when using the installer or simply copying the entire HMG directory that be pre-installed elsewhere.
I know that many users rename the folder of installation c:\hmg.3.4.3 (for example) to other name.

Recently it must have happened to a user and even I not having much information about it, I deduce the problem (can only be) was:

The HMG folder can not contain spaces.

Why that ?

It's not for Harbour, it's not for MinGW, nor for HMG itself. The villain of this issue/limitation, the rock that hinders the way of the HMG has name:


Yes, the MS resource compiler | MinGW. It simply does not accept spaces. :evil:

I always hoped that HMG could create projects, executables with long names, spaces, special characters and even folder names containing spaces.

I have already said and I am convinced from my own experience that this would be possible if we tried to isolate this limitation that WINDRES imposes on us.

As we know that WINDRES will not change, then we only have two options:

1. See us free of WINRES by another compatible and accepting spaces.
2. Store the RESOURCES in a folder separate from the HMG package and let this folder contain no spaces.

I did tests and it worked. I could not make names of short files regrettably. Because it does not work 100% of the cases.

File _hmg_resconfig.h is created during compilation. But the WINDRES is a donkey, does not accept folder with spaces and limited cases of short file names... :|

Well, that's what I had to tell you about my experience. If anyone has another solution or idea I wanted to share, I will appreciate it.

The compilation of long files or in folders with names containing spaces, this is already possible to do. As long as the HMG folder is not renamed containing space in the name.
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