PDF Viewer DLL?

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Re: PDF Viewer DLL?

Post by KDJ » Sat May 05, 2018 5:10 pm

PdfView version 2018-05-05

Fixed bug in "drag and drop" the tab.

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Post by KDJ » Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:19 pm

PDFview version 2018-07-25 released.

- program icon and title of main window,
- now PDF is opened in new tab by default (Ctrl+O or in files panel - Enter), to open in current tab use Shift+Ctrl+O or in files panel - Shift+Enter (Shift+DoubleClick),
- hotkey Ctrl+Shift+T now is used to restore last closed document; for translate selected text in opened PDF use Alt+T,
- context menu for tabs,
- mouse behavior for tabs:
-- mouse move with left button down - move current tab,
-- left button double click or middle button click on the tab - close this tab,
-- left button double click/middle button click in area after last tab or in empty PDF panel - restore last closed tab (if there is not last closed tab - GetFile dialog),
-- right button click in tab area or in empty PDF panel - show tabs context menu.

- open previous/next/first/last PDF from directory in which is current document (Main menu -> File -> Open from directory),
- small button to show/hide files panel,
- TOOLTIPs for TABs (visible if PDF name does not fit in the tab),
- move tab (Main menu -> Document -> Move tab),
- close duplicates of current document (Main menu -> Document -> Close -> Duplicates of current document),
- close all duplicated documents (Main menu -> Document -> Close -> All duplicates),
- close all inactive documents (Main menu -> Document -> Close -> All inactive),
- restore last closed tab (Main menu -> Document -> Restore last closed tab),
- page number in list of recent files,
- context menu for list of recent files,
- show/hide status bar (Main menu -> View -> Status bar),
- option in settings - "Don't run PDFview twice",
- option in settings - "Don't open PDF file twice",
- option in settings - "New tab open" (before current, after current, at beginning, at end),
- option in settings - "Colors in files panel",
- in context menu for files panel added options: "Rename", "Delete" and "Properties".

- Portuguese and Spanish translations (about 80 percent of strings was not translated).

Added in SumatraPDF.prg library:
- parameter nView in function Sumatra_FileOpen(),
- function Sumatra_View().

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Post by Steed » Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:21 am

Thanks, usefull utility

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Post by danca » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:07 am

I needed to extract from PDF files the underlying text for my DocuMagic software (www.documagic.it) and found a fantastic DLL from Sorax software. You can download a working demo version of the DLL an the complete documentation from Sorax's site. Among other things, the DLL can display PDF files and can be called by Harbour.
BTW, still I did not implement the viewer, only the text extractor. I think it would be of great interest for all to share your experience, if you go that way. Give it a try, it's a nice piece of software, and it's cheap (ah... I forgot to say that it's not for free...).


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