Meaning of moderation

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Meaning of moderation

Post by esgici » Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:30 pm

I'm wondering :

does forum moderation means "moderator authorized everything, he isn't responsible for any behaviour by anyone" :?

I sent this post tree time and banned every time, moreover the forum begun with my proposal now "locked" to me :( :( :(

I protest every kind of dictatorship :!:

There isn't anyone to stop this dirty attitude :?:

Pablo César wrote:
esgici wrote:Pablo,

please don't touch my posts :mrgreen:
I just tried to be gentle... :oops:

And if you behave well, I shall have no reason to re-edit "your" posts... :mrgreen:
Pablo, I've always want to befriend; why do you always searching act of war :?:

You aren't in a location to tell me if you behave well; you are moderator of forum, not me nor any person.

I shall have no reason to re-edit "your" posts...
You will never reason nor right to do this :!:

As I told you privately,
it's not ethic if I change or edit my sent posts, you are endowing to yourself the RIGHT of changing / editing posts of others :x

Surely you may have some own reasons; but shouldn't have such right for nobody.

If a post doesn't obey forum rules, you can ban it by notify, but editing posts, especially without notify isn't a good way to healthy nor friendly communication
I protest your UNFAIR censorship :!:

Whatever your intention, use any way for communicate with me or another else, only please don't touch my posts; that's all.
Don't edit / censor this post :!:

I will send it this to all friends privately and,

whenever you do this, I will re-post :mrgreen:

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Pablo César
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Post by Pablo César » Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:50 pm

Esgici wrote:Don't edit / censor this post :!:

I will send it this to all friends privately and,

whenever you do this, I will re-post :mrgreen:
Esgici, your behavior is totally reprehensible in any forum whatsoever. You should understand that respect goes out to all and you are publishing messages when I gently asked to you to treat in privated all your insastisfaction about my moderations and you do it in public (again). You are actually ignite causing a situation of provocations to my moderations and I have my rights and duties to maintain an organized environment and without all these provocation. It is for these all reason I have removed your bad messages. I do not accept that attitude and I believe that nobody who is civilized accepts all such your provocations. Please refrain these provocations. Use Google for you to see what are the responsibilities and resources what a moderator has, if you still have doubts.

You had this same behavior previously. By the time you notice that you had exceeded the limits and have re-edited all your posts leaving it meaningless. This is also an attitude totally reprehensible. So re-think what you're doing. And I will no longer respond to no more your provocations, so I will no answer this message and this matter again. This must be clear for you.
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