Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 19.04 is published

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Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 19.04 is published

Post by gfilatov »

Hi Friends,

We are pleased to announce a new build of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.

It is a regularly scheduled maintenance and bugfix release.

Here's a breakdown of some of the modifications in the build 19.04.
For the full list, please see the changelog.

* EDIT controls family: restored a correct setting of ReadOnly colors
at runtime. A problem was introduced in the past releases due to
adding a wrong checking of a color parameter's type.

* Fixed problem with using of 'SetFocus' method into ON ENTER event and
established Navigation Extended in the CHECKBOX, COMBOBOX, DATEPICKER
and TIMEPICKER controls.
It exists in the official version too.

* Fixed problem with painting of the StatusBar ownerdraw items at Windows 10
(f.e. when a StatusBar control was defined with KEYBOARD clause).

* Added the useful function HMG_GetFormControls( cFormName [, cUserType ] )
for retrieving of an array of the control's names for specified window.
Sample code:
HMG_GetFormControls( App.FormName ) -> all controls of a Main form
AEval( HMG_GetFormControls( ThisWindow.Name, "Label" ), ;
{|ctl| This.&(ctl).Alignment := 'Right' } )

* Added the following functions, based on the function HMG_Alert():
- AlertYesNo ( Message, Title, RevertDefault, ;
Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost ) -> .T. / .F.;
- AlertYesNoCancel ( Message, Title, nDefaultButton, ;
Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost ) -> 1 / 0 / -1;
- AlertRetryCancel ( Message, Title, nDefaultButton, ;
Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost ) -> .T. / .F.;
- AlertOkCancel ( Message, Title, nDefaultButton, ;
Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost ) -> .T. / .F.;
- AlertInfo ( Message, Title, Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost );
- AlertStop ( Message, Title, Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost );
- AlertExclamation ( Message, Title, Icon, nSize, aColors, lTopMost ).

The above functions imitate the system dialog boxes with a
possibility of a users tuning for the font, colors, timer etc.

* The RadioGroup control supports now a changing of the OPTIONS and
SPACING properties at runtime.

* Added <Shift-Tab> hotkey for backward moving to inplace editing
in a CELLED GRID control as opposite to <Tab> key action.

* The Timer control supports now the alternative syntax.

* Improved text extraction of the GRID item using a dynamic buffer
allocation. This will break the limit on the length of the grid
cell, which was set to 1023 characters earlier.

* Revised the sizes of the dialog box in the function HMG_Alert()
to be similar to the sizes of the system dialogs in Windows 7.

* Updated the TSBrowse, RDDLeto and Sqlite3 libraries.

* Updated Harbour Compiler 3.2.0dev to a recent Git-version.
(ChangeLog Last Entry: 2019-04-11 17:33)

* Added the new interesting samples and updated some Basic and
Advanced samples.

A setup of the build 19.04 for Borland C++ 5.5.1 is published at
the following URL:

http://hmgextended.com/files/CONTRIB/hm ... -setup.exe

This release is considered stable and ready for production use.

The upgrade to this build is recommended.

Thanks for your attention and support!

Best Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

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Post by tonton2 »

spassiba vam
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Post by quartz565 »

Thank you Grigory !
Best Regards,

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Post by Leopoldo Blancas »

Tranks Gregory...!!!

much success!

I'm already installing it....

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Thanks Grigory!


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Thanks Grigory !!

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