Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 18.09 is published

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Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 18.09 is published

Post by gfilatov »

Hi Friends,

We are pleased to announce a new build of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.

It is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

Here's a breakdown of some of the modifications in the build 18.09.
For the full list, please see the changelog.

* Fixed a wrong row position of a WHOLEDROPDOWN menu of a ToolButton
which was placed into a Vertical PagerBox control.

* Added the set/get 'Enabled' property for the forms:
ThisWindow|<FormName>.Enabled [ := | --> ] lBoolean

* Added a new command to support a sorting in Tree control:
TREESORT ControlName OF ParentName [ ITEM nItem ] ;
[ RECURSIVE lRecursive ] [ CASESENSITIVE lCaseSensitive ] ;
[ ASCENDINGORDER lAscendingOrder ] [ NODEPOSITION nNodePosition ]

* Enhanced the Expand/Collapse methods in Tree control:
include recursive clause (synchronized with Official HMG).

* Updated the BosTaurus, TSBrowse and SQLite3 libraries.

* Added the new interesting samples and updated some Basic and
Advanced samples.

A setup of the build 18.09 for Borland C++ 5.5.1 is published at
the following URL:

http://hmgextended.com/files/CONTRIB/hm ... -setup.exe

There are also an extra xHarbour.org-based archive for this build and
Minigui Ex build for the free Embarcadero C++ 10.1 Berlin compiler at
the Minigui's download page.

This release is considered stable and ready for production use.

Thanks for your attention and support!

Best Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

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Post by Anand »

"* Added the set/get 'Enabled' property for the forms:
ThisWindow|<FormName>.Enabled [ := | --> ] lBoolean"

This is the one I requested for, I hope. I will check and revert on it.
Thanks for the new release.



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Post by serge_girard »

Thanks Mr. Filatov !


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Post by esgici »

serge_girard wrote:
Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:35 pm
Thanks Mr. Filatov !


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Post by Steed »


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Post by quartz565 »

Thank you !
Best Regards,

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