hmg4 business-level library: contributors wanted

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hmg4 business-level library: contributors wanted

Post by mrduck »

I think that every programmer, starting from the second program, reuse his code organizing it into libraries.

Hmg3/4, minigui are such libraries, they avoid programmers the burden to write low-level code and allow them concentrate on business-level code.

In this forum there are a lot of ood programmers that produced a lot of good hmg3 code but are not willing, for various reasons, to contribute to hmg4 core code.

Now that hmg4 is not complete but usable, I propose to all these programmers to contribute to the creation of a hmg4-based business-level library.

What should go in a business-level library ? Actually, I'm not quite sure, I hadn't written a full gui program yet, but I think that all the code you reuse in the programs may go into it, with some pre-requisites:
- they must be used as "black-box", calling them with specific parameters and getting results in a clearly documented way
- adapted to work in hmg4, preferibly using layouts
- they may use callbacks (codeblocks) to better integrate with the main program
- it MUST NOT be dependent on main program variables... it must work "standalone" (or with codeblocks).
- workareas MUST NOT be opened/closed in these functions and pointers/filters be preserved (except changing these is the function main work !)

Code can be:
- an on-screen calculator
- a login form
- an advanced form
- a CRUD form
- a end-user report generator
- a form for creating data filters (for exports or reports)

What do you think ?


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Post by Rathinagiri »

I prepare a data-cube (eXtract is the HMG3 name) model and grid-print (in hfcl of hmg3). Once finished, I will share that with you. :)
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