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Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:37 am
by Pablo César
I have updated Build.bat, fixing when receives parameter with spaces and be in quotation as OS requires and be possible to compile.

You can download again at: download/file.php?id=7560

Or at previous message at: viewtopic.php?p=48056#p48056
  Sometimes the lost of one character in the code makes the difference from right to wrong !

%1    !=    %~1


Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:42 am
by Pablo César
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Dear Rathi,

With all the respect you and we all deserve, allow me to ask some questions:

For what reason are you supporting this version ? Could you specify based on what ?

I was showing errors during compiling and is not my illusion. You can check using the graph to see the combinations.

Or do you think this is normal and should we just use one switch at a time ?

I mean:
1. You can not use compiling option_console + no_execute

2. And yes you can use compiling no_execute + option_console ( Why this :?: ) :?
(Please you consult the prepared table and observe the result) And also please you check old HMG versions. Then You'll see what is was wrong.

Would this have to be acceptable ?   Being that we are talking about SWITCHES.

SWITCHES are made to be used freely in no particular order. Am I correct ?

Why then if there is a solution presented to you all, then why not be evaluated it ?

I would like an answer also from your Rathinagiri.

Re: Build.bat

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:33 am
by Rathinagiri
Not for serious thinking, I am a believer of Murphy's Law:

Law of Software
If a program works perfectly and gives you absolutely no trouble go ahead, take a chance and upgrade, make my day.

IMHO,there are more challenges to a HMG programmer than this. That is what I inferred from Claudio's post.

Take for example @... syntax. You have to remember the exact order if you want to use it. Yes, we do have the alternate syntax to circumvent this. But, it makes our programs look lengthy. :(


Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:37 am
by Pablo César
Thank you my friend Rathinagiri for your feeding-back.
IMHO,there are more challenges to a HMG programmer than this. That is what I inferred from Claudio's post.
All it's important my friend. If you want become true all advances you certainly will need to start now. That's the main problem in HMG development team at moment: all we concentrate to one person, to Claudio and he is saturated. It's time to help him. Not be in silent. I done my part, you surely do your part, but to participate in all possible questions it's what we have to do. Otherwise he is gonna be filled with things to solve forever and ever.

Build.bat it's very important, because all our compilations we make thru it. IMHO is very very important. Requires attention too.

Sorry to say, but for me is important, probably for you It was not your turn to need it.

See this case for example. I wish to compile but I have not to run after building process in my work place for development.
This some time is imperative and you are not understanding but I needed.

Any way, I believe innovations, fixing bugs would be very good welcome. We should not stop advances due the person is busy.

It is hard to say but when we die certainly the world keeps spinning...

John Lennon would says: and what we have done... ?

But please do not tell me there is more challenges than this... for programmers to work successfully main need the best tools with him.
Otherwise is will become slave of own errors... It's that the way I think.

Nothing personal, I am not claiming about an specific person but I think we need to work free of ties... time is our enemy but we need to improve the flowing of development in HMG.

Probably making use of resources of SourceForge because messages sometimes are forgotten... :|