GCC 10.1 Released

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GCC 10.1 Released

Post by gfilatov »

Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com
Thu May 7 12:59:59 GMT 2020
A year has lapsed away since the release of last major
GCC release, more than 33 years passed since the first
public GCC release and the GCC developers survived
repository conversion from SVN to GIT earlier this year.

Today, we are glad to announce another major GCC release, 10.1.

This release makes great progress in the C++20 language support,
both on the compiler and library sides [1], some C2X enhancements,
various optimization enhancements and bug fixes, several new
hardware enablement changes and enhancements to the compiler back-ends
and many other changes. There is even a new experimental static
analysis pass [2].

Some code that compiled successfully with older GCC versions might require
source changes, see http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-10/porting_to.html for



for more information about changes in GCC 10.1.
Kind Regards,
Grigory Filatov

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Post by mol »

Thanks for info, but our HMG is frozen from long time..

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Post by Rathinagiri »

mol wrote:
Wed May 13, 2020 7:49 pm
Thanks for info, but our HMG is frozen from long time..
Yes. That is the sad fact.

Our project badly expects an able handed C++ person like Roberto or Claudio. :(
East or West HMG is the Best.
South or North HMG is worth.
...the possibilities are endless.

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Post by apais »

This project needs to be merged with HMG extended

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Post by bpd2000 »

apais wrote:
Sun May 17, 2020 11:40 pm
This project needs to be merged with HMG extended
Convert Dream into Reality through HMG

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Post by AUGE_OHR »

or merge Extended Version into HMG ...
have fun

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Post by Anand »

Most of the HMG features are already available in HMG Extended.
Grigory is doing excellent work there.

Only the unicode in dbf, AFAIK, is not incorporated in HMG Extended.



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Post by fouednoomen »

Absolument , nous somme en stand by

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