When must I use set/get property?

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When must I use set/get property?

Post by bluebird »

Learning Question

If I use a line of code like

Win_1.Button1.enabled:= .F. I may get an error that I can
solve with Setproperty("Win_1","Button1","enabled",.F.)

Please explain the rules for when you must use set/getproperty functions


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Post by mol »

When your form Win_1 is known earlier or if you declare Win_1, you can use first statement. If you form Win_1 is loaded/declared/defined in other module (.prg) only SetProperty will work.

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Post by serge_girard »

This reminds me to the following important difference:

Code: Select all

some_form := 'FORM_1'
some_field := 'FIELD_1'

nVAR := GetProperty(some_form, some_field, 'Value')
// or
SetProperty(some_form, some_field, 'Value', nVAR)

/* is impossible with &some_form.&some_field.Value :=  x */

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