Grid Checkbox Select all (How to)

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Grid Checkbox Select all (How to)

Post by bluebird » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:46 am

When selecting from a grid list with checkboxes

I would like to know of a way to select ALL checkboxes, perhaps with an ALT+Key
or something. if its possible it would be convenient to only deselect a minority of
items rather than selecting the majority one by one.

Thanks all.

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Post by edk » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:27 am


Code: Select all

ON KEY ALT+ADD ACTION Form_1.Grid_1.CheckBoxAllItems := .T.		//ALT with Num+ :=> Check All
ON KEY ALT+SUBTRACT ACTION Form_1.Grid_1.CheckBoxAllItems := .F.	//ALT with Num- :=> UnCheck All
ON KEY ALT+MULTIPLY ACTION ReverseCheck()				//ALT with Num* :=> Reverse Check/UnCheck All

@ 450, 155 BUTTON Button_1 CAPTION "Check All" ACTION Form_1.Grid_1.CheckBoxAllItems := .T.
@ 450, 355 BUTTON Button_2 CAPTION "UnCheck All" ACTION Form_1.Grid_1.CheckBoxAllItems := .F.
@ 450, 555 BUTTON Button_3 CAPTION "Reverse Check" ACTION ReverseCheck()

FUNCTION ReverseCheck()
Local i
FOR i = 1 TO Form_1.Grid_1.ItemCount
	Form_1.Grid_1.CheckBoxItem ( i ) := ! Form_1.Grid_1.CheckBoxItem ( i )

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