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image resize?

Post by Rockart10 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 3:49 pm

Is there any way to resize the appearance of an image into a window with the mouse wheel, like in the Window native image viewer? I can manage to open a windows and to scroll the image with the virtualwidth and virtualheight settings of the window, but I can't find how to manage its scale. I use BT_BitmapWidth, BT_BitmapHeight (Bos Taurus) to correctly view the image file into a windows, but it doesn't seem to me that BT_BitmapCopyAndResize or BT_Resize may be used to change interactively its appearance into the windows. I specify that I don't want to resize and save it with the new dimensions, but only to resize its view into the window, scaling it by rotating the mouse wheel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...

Best of all

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