window release method compile error

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Re: window release method compile error

Post by bluebird »

Thanks and appreciation to all who respond, but I do not want to waste valuable time of yours.

Lets try a simple question. The first Two of the statements below do not compile, they give me the syntax error at the dot
The last one does compile but so should the others according to the HMG reference.

release window Form_3

I will be happy to know what sort of reasons there could be. I will not ask for anyone to debug my code,

Again, sincere thanks for all who responded

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Post by mlnr »

Hi Bluebird,

Try this

Best regards,

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Post by Marin »

Hi Bluebird,

Another suggestion from me. Try to simply change the name of the window <Form_3> because the string 'form' seems to belong to the reserved words. It is possible to arise some conflict due to this circumstance. I have had a similar problem with a field, which I called "BLACK".

Kind regards,

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