HbP vs HPj ?

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HbP vs HPj ?

Post by hmgchang »

Dear Masters,

Many of the ssw comes with a HPj file ! How to compile it with Hmg-IDE ?

Any info on the HPJ ?


best rgds,
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Pablo César
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Post by Pablo César »

Hi Chang,

This hpj file is a main project file for HMGS IDE (Copyright Walter Formigoni) and this is not compatible with our IDE. For your better understanding of it contents, you will need to read HmgsIde.PRG I have attached for your understanding specially at Function OpenProject where is described x2 => Content of Project File (.hpj)
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Post by esgici »

hmgchang wrote:Dear Masters,

Many of the ssw comes with a HPj file ! How to compile it with Hmg-IDE ?

Any info on the HPJ ?


best rgds,
Historically :

HMG-IDE was introduced by Roberto Lopez first with "HMG Project File" ( .hpj ) standard. All other implementations are followers of original HMG-IDE and are forks. Because all of theme released AFTER original HMG-IDE.

.hpj usage was continue until Roberto was selected HBMK2 as Standard Project Maker of Harbour for project building process and standard project file of HMG become "Harbour Project File" (.hbp).

Since a long time HMG dosn't support .hpj files. For using these files you need very old versions of HMG.

Technically :

Both standards ( .hpj and .hbp ) are plain text files. You can inspect their contents and easily convert .hpj to .hbp.

For example if your .hpj file include only .prg file(s) name, simply change file extension from .hpj to .hbp.

If your .hpj file include configuration info, you need build a .hbc ( c : configuration ) file according that info.

That's all :arrow:

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Post by danielmaximiliano »

Gracias Esgici por el recordatorio....

Thanks for the reminder Esgici
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Post by Javier Tovar »

Thanks Mr. Esguici by kind!


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Post by bpd2000 »

Nice Info
Thank You Esgici
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