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Re: Hdroidgui Dbf

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:43 pm
by Roberto Lopez
Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:41 pm
good evening!
I would like to better understand this project, if it is compatible with Harbor and consequently with the HMG of Roberto Lopez and, if also for smartphone?
because we need to modernize our language and create small applications for android and interact with our bigger application that is for computer.
My way to Android is HTML + JavaScript and jQuery Mobile.

Then I create an apk from that code with 'WebSite2Apk':

To make things a little easier, I use a small library called JMG too:

The better of using HTML+JavaScript is that the code can run on Android, IOS, WIndows, Linux, etc.

jQuery Mobile, lets you create complex responsive interfaces that runs perfectly on screens of any size/orientation.

Re: Hdroidgui Dbf

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:07 am
by srvet_claudio
srvet_claudio wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:24 pm
IMHO the easiest way is to develop a WebApp by making a bridge between the native java of Android and javascript, then it is compiled with the SDK (that make the apk). The graphic interface is made with HTML5, jQuery Mobile, etc. and the access to hardware and resources (storage card, camera, sensors, SQLittle, etc) write in java. Then you directly call the functions written in java from the javascript code. I have some personal applications developed in that way.
See this demo


Re: Hdroidgui Dbf

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:11 pm
by jucar_es
Muy Buenas tardes

Desde hace dos meses un cliente me pidio una sencilla aplicacion para manejar ventas desde su celular.
mi unico conociminiento de toda la vida ha sido lenguaje xbase... mis sencillos pero eficientes .dbf por lo cual desarrolle en hdroidgui.
con resultados satisfactorios.
con hdroidgui me he acomodado pues tiene las opciones basicas para leer y guardar informacion, y me permite ingresardatos del usuario con relativa facilidad
realmente nunca he querido aprender otro lenguaje distinto.. ya que con lo que tengo hasta ahora es suficiente.
mmmm. pero como siempre se quiere algo mas..
deseo saber si alguien me puede colaborar en decirme como implementar otros controles en hdroidgui, he tratado de hacerlo pero no pude.
creo que es facil implementar un combobox, un radiobuton, un tab , ya que he visto como funciona para otras plataformas (fivedroid), pero no tan ajustadas a android como las interfaces del maestro alexander Kresin....
Creo con conocimientos mas profundos en java se podria implementar en pero me falta la parte de va en java...

alguien podria indicarme que debo hacer para implementar estos controles.

agradezco enormemente su ayuda

Nota: las nuevas opciones de IHMO, ETC no son tan faciles de implementar como este maravilloso hdroidui.

Good afternoon

For two months a client asked me for a simple application to manage sales from his cell phone.
my only knowledge of all life has been xbase language ... my simple but efficient .dbf so develop on hdroidgui.
With satisfactory results.
with hdroidgui I have settled in because it has the basic options to read and save information, and allows me to enter user data with relative ease
I've never really wanted to learn another language ... because what I have up to now is enough.
MMM. but as always you want something more ..
I want to know if someone can help me in telling me how to implement other controls on hdroidgui, I tried to do it but I could not.
I think it's easy to implement a combobox, a radiobuton, a tab, since I've seen how it works for other platforms (fivedroid), but not as tight to android as the interfaces of master Alexander Kresin ....
I believe with deeper knowledge in java could be implemented in but I am missing the part of goes in java ...

someone could tell me what I should do to implement these controls.

I greatly appreciate your help

Note: the new IHMO, ETC options are not as easy to implement as this wonderful hdroidui.


Re: Hdroidgui Dbf

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:04 pm
by JMauriceMX
Hola jucar_es:

Tambien estoy tratando de hacer aplicaciones con harbour.

Me puedes apoyar con los link del SDK, NDK y ANT que utilizas, he tratado de compilar y generar los archivos *.o; pero me marca error.