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Unrecoverable error 9012: Can't locate the starting procedur

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:44 pm
by Pablo César
I wish to share with yours my experience regarding an Application Internal Error (Harbour error) which appeared: "Unrecoverable error 9012: Can't locate the starting procedure: 'MAIN'" and registered at local hb_out.log file.

I have compiled a HMG project in one determined folder and every was ok. But after change folder name with portuguese accents in the name folder, had started to malfunction (not start app), knowing that app was working properly.

The rest of error message is: "C:\Fontes\HMG\View_Build_Log\Português\View_Build_Log.exe" so I noticed something was with OS and I had changed again the sub-folder name for Portuguese instead Português (with brazilian accents)
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, then it started to work properly again.

I hope this information to be useful as to others, when it happen again to anyone. ;)