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Change Size Menuitem im hmg.4

Post by Pablo César » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:17 pm

I thank you very much to you and all bodies who are working much to growup with HMG tools. Are very precious for all of developpers and wish to thank to the creator too. But I am still very poor with OOP programming way. I know that all of you are working to compatibilize with semi-OOP and portable for HMG3. My doubts started from the way to upgrade HMG4, doing thru SVN, but know I think I already got successfully (I will feel better when a new HMG4 an installation pack be released, with recently it´s IDE). I have to start with HMG4 even making mistakes, but I am still concerned to know if quite all resources are functionally in HMG4 comparing version 3. I am still learning and I feel very very confortable in HMG3 even founding some deficiences comparing HMG Extended (sorry if offends in something to Roberto, but is true. Grigory work is really fantastic too). My wish is to be seen both HMG merged in one version, not different work and see working together (sorry it is my opinion, without any offenses to anyone). But theses differents products makes weak HMG world and also makes confusion with new programmers. This is my wish to asking to Santa Clauss... Because I believe if both products been joined we will get better HMG4 and everybody will wins with this.

I would like to continue use HMG 3 because it was my first experience and I very happy to make programs with it. I´ve started in beging of this year, so I am still imature GUI programmer.

I thank you again to make me feel in home here in this forum and with these tools. I promise to really starting with HMG4 but as I said: I am still concerned if some resources are still not done and I should stay in the midle of way. Sorry to think in my self in this way, but I do not wish to feel me in hands tied, because I still can not help you to be a contributor to become better tool in OOP demands.
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Post by Ricci » Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:05 pm

Pable, the current SNV of HMG4 (874) is stable and everything is working. When using the (so called) "semi-OOP syntax" you will be able to build stable programs that can have more functionality as HMG3.

The only "weak point" maybe the GRID/BROWSE complex when working with databases. These commands where traditionally designed to work with flat databases (dbf). Qt was designed to work with real databases (i.e. SQL type). I think we will have to do some work in redesigning the browse control in the future. But this shouldn´t affect the HMG4 users.

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Post by l3whmg » Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:17 pm

Hi Pablo.
I understand your POV and it was mine when I start to find a GUI for my clipper programs. But a lot of GUI are very similar because they do, in the same way, the same things: one more simple one more complicate. Some are commercial other "freeware".

OOP is a powerful way but it's not the holy grail. On the other hands, it can extend the power of a library.
I'm not a guru, but I think you must open your mind, to be patient and try to write the same program (your program, what you need) into the two style: OOP and Commands. Check differences and possibilities.
But, please, rememeber that each of us can have many different needs and expectations!

About unique "HMG": more possibilities, more chooses. I ask you: why SQL, MYSQL, PostGres, DBase and many other? Why VB, CLIPPER (and related version), COBOL, RPG and many other? I think to create work!

As I write to you: I'm at your disposal. I can give you my little experiences.

Luigi from Italy

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