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Re: Hi from California

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:52 pm
by CalScot
Thanks, Polo & Danny, for your responses.

I'm further forward, but still not getting a result!

First: I was using /B (as cut and pasted from elsewhere in this forum!) to compile, instead of /D, so fixing that makes it work better!

Second: I moved AltD() to right before the problem area, but I still don't get any "Debug window" on the taskbar. I do get a popup message box with "Debugger invoked" every time I pass that point, but when I click OK - nothing changes. I've tried pressing F5 and F8 while that box is displayed and after clicking OK, but still nothing.

There are certainly several wait states in the routine, which complicates things, but I don't think that's the problem.

You said that code might be in my compiled library (or otherwise external), but all of the code (apart from standard functions) used in the application is defined/coded in Main.Prg (or in the Fmg files that are loaded), so no calls to outside routines or even calls to other prg files.

So I think my question now (before I start to "divide and conquer"?) is: What could I be doing (or not doing) to cause the debug window not to appear on the taskbar? (Such as: Is there a special "#Include" file for debugging? I think I'd have had an error message if that was the case, but maybe not. Or does every MemVar have to be designated Static or Public or...? Or some other "trick"? There must be something that I'm just not getting! )

Thanks again.

Re: Hi from California

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:20 am
by CalScot

I still haven't been able to get Debug to work, but I did find the problem that made me want to use debug in the first place!
It involves MsgBox, which (in 3.1.1 at least) works as an action procedure within a menu, but not as a called function within code.
I've opened a new thread on the problem, but thought I should tie up that loose end -- off-topic as it is -- here!

Thanks again for your help.

Re: Hi from California

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:49 am
by mol
If you want to quickly start work with debugger, define your project with IDE - you don't need to define forms, just create your project file with .hbp extension, list all your modules in this file placing main module at the top.
Then run IDE.EXE with this file as parameter.
From TopMenu select Project -> Debug - you will see two windows - one text and one with your app.
When your app will encounter altd(), it will stop and you need to switch to second window with debug.
It really works!

add line

Code: Select all

at the top of your MAIN function
and build your app with /b option.
You will see dream debugger :lol:

Re: Hi from California

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:51 am
by CalScot
Thanks, Marek.

It's close to midnight here, and I'm winding down, but I'll definitely follow your instructions tomorrow!

Thanks again.
L. (CalScot)

Re: Hi from California

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:05 pm
by CalScot
Hi, Marek.

I -LOVE- your "RESOLVED!" post - Thank you.

I'll try it as soon as I return from getting the flat tire on my car repaired!!

Tks again.
L. (CalScot)