Numeric Keypad - Incremental Search on Browse

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Numeric Keypad - Incremental Search on Browse

Post by ptmocho » Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:39 pm

Hi guys,

Need some help. I am using Minigui 19.06. I am currently using in production, a module that was based on Joe Fanucchi example MiniGUI\SAMPLES\BASIC\DualBrowse, this uses a modified version of h_windows.prg, the IncrementalSearch() function however it´s not
accepting the numeric keypad keys in the seek when Numlock is ON, the Navigation keys however with the Numlock OFF works fine, do you guys have any idea how to put this keys to work in this. I think this can be done with the manipulation of the GetGridvKey( lParam ) in Myevents, but i am not getting nowhere, and this is an issue for my client. I have attached the original code so you guys can take a quick look.

Thank you so much.

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