Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 16.10 is published

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Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 16.10 is published

Post by gfilatov » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:12 am

Hi Friends,

I am glad to announce a new version of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.

It is a regularly scheduled maintenance release with the major improvements.

The setup of the build 16.10 is published at the following URL:

http://hmgextended.com/files/CONTRIB/hm ... -setup.zip

and the MinGW-based self-extracting archive is placed at the following URL:


There is the 64-bit MinGW-based self-extracting archive at the following URL:


There are also an extra xHarbour.ORG-based and xHarbour.COM-based archives

for this build and donationware Minigui Ex build for Embarcadero's free C++

compiler BCC 10.1 at the Minigui's homepage.

The changelog of this build is below:
2016/10/18: HMG Extended Edition version 16.10.
* New: The MAIN, CHILD and MODAL windows supports an optional CLIENTAREA
clause establishing of the width and height for a client area.
Syntax: CLIENTAREA nClientWidth , nClientHeight
Sample code:
CLIENTAREA 400, 300 TITLE 'Hello World!'
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\Calendar)
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\Picture_Coords)
* New: Added 'ToolTip Custom Draw' support for the BALLOON tooltips.
You can add a custom tooltip to a form or controls with using of
nToolTip := InitToolTipForRect( ;
nFormHandle [, aRect ][, cToolTip ][, cTitle ][, nIcon ];
[, lBallon ][, lClosable ][, lNotUsedYet ] [, lCenterTip ] )
Contributed by Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demo5.prg in folder \samples\Basic\Tooltip_Balloon)
* New: The Slider control supports the optional ENABLESELRANGE and SELRANGE
clauses for the marking of a selected range.
Standard syntax:
@ <row>,<col> SLIDER <controlname> [ OF <parent> ] ;
RANGE <min>,<max> SELRANGE <min>,<max> ;
[ WIDTH <nWidth> ] [ HEIGHT <nHeight> ] ;

Alternative syntax:
ROW 20
COL 20
There is the helpful function
SetSliderSelRange( <SliderHandle>, <selrangemin>, <selrangemax> )
for mounting or changing of the selected range at runtime.
Note that the selected range will be displayed only if was defined
Contributed by Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\Slider)
* New: The Spinner control supports the HORIZONTAL clause for min/max arrows.
Contributed by Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\SPINNER)
* Enhanced: Added the readonly 'Handle', 'Index', 'Type', 'ClientWidth' and
'ClientHeight' properties for the forms and controls.
- function syntax:
hForm := GetProperty ( FormName, 'Handle' )
hControl := GetProperty ( FormName, ControlName, 'Handle' )
- pseudo-OOP syntax:
hForm := FormName.Handle, cFormType := FormName.Type
hControl := FormName.ControlName.Handle
cControlType := FormName.ControlName.Type
Based upon a contribution of Russian user SergKis
* Enhanced: Added a read/write property 'CueBanner' for TEXT family, ComboBox
and Spinner controls.
You can set/get this property at runtime via:
- function syntax:
SetProperty( Form, Control, 'CueBanner', 'New Text' )
GetProperty ( Form, Control, 'CueBanner' )
- pseudo-OOP syntax:
Form.Control.CueBanner := 'New Text'
Form.Control.CueBanner --> character value
Based upon a contribution of Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demos in folder \samples\Advanced\CueBanner)
* Enhanced: The GetBox control supports an optional focused colors tuning
with the following new commands:
where the colors value may have the array or codeblock type.
It was a postponed user's request.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\GetBox)
(see demo3.prg in folder \samples\Basic\Color_3)
* Changed: The functions GetFormHandle()/GetControlName() will be return an
error instead of a masking of the wrong calling at an absent window
or control.
* Changed: DEFINE BKGBRUSH command supports a reduced format now, i.e.
IN [ FORM | WINDOW ] <parent> PICTURE <image>
TO [ FORM | WINDOW ] <parent> PICTURE <image>
Added also the BKBRUSH synonym for the BACKCOLOR clause of a form.
Contributed by Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\WindowBackground)
* Updated: The all C-code was revised as below:
- improved the header file mgdefs.h;
- fixed memory leak in a menu extended destructor;
- added the new C-functions ComboFindString, ComboFindStringExact;
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\ComboSearch)
- optimized C-functions ComboAddStringEx, ComboInsertStringEx,
ComboAddDataStringEx, ComboGetString and ListBoxGetString;
- optimized parameters checking in the functions MESSAGEBOX*;
- improved handling for the cursor and background of a window;
Contributed by Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\WindowBackground_2)
- reformatted to Harbour standard using uncrustify version 0.63;
- updated for correct compiling with Pelles C 8.0 and XCC compilers
and xHarbour.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
* Updated: Synchronized Extended HMG for compatibility with Official HMG:
- New: Added the helpful function HMG_PressKey( nVK1, nVK2, ... )
returns array { nVK1, nVK2, ... },
where nVK is a virtual key code.
Simulates the pressure of a key or a combination of keys.
Contributed by Claudio Soto <srvet@adinet.com.uy>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\HotKeyBox)
* Updated: Header file i_hmgcompat.ch for compatibility with Official HMG:
- added a simple 'Grid as Browse' command, f.e.:
@ 10,10 GRID Grid_1 WIDTH 770 HEIGHT 440 ;
HEADERS {'Column 1','Column 2','Column 3','Column 4',;
'Column 5','Column 6'} ;
WIDTHS {140,140,140,100,100,110} VALUE 1 ;
COLUMNFIELDS { 'Code' , 'First' ,'Last' , 'Birth' ,;
'Married' , 'child->info' } ;
COLUMNCONTROLS { aCtrl_1 , aCtrl_2 , aCtrl_3 , aCtrl_4 ,;
aCtrl_5 , aCtrl_6 } ;
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see i_hmgcompat.ch in folder \include)
* New: MiniGUI Extended Edition Common Commands list.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(look at commands.txt in folder \Doc)
* Updated: HBPrinter library v.2.40:
- Changed: GetBox controls were used in the Options form.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\HBPrinter)
* Updated: PropGrid library v.2.0 (see source in folder \source\PropGrid):
- New: Added an optional WHEN clause to PROPERTYITEM command.
Contributed by Janusz Pora <januszpora@onet.eu>
* Updated: HbSQLite3 library:
- update for using SQLITE3 version 3.15.0 (from 3.14.2).
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
* Updated: Harbour Compiler 3.2.0dev (SVN 2016-09-28 19:55):
* Updated: most important differences between Harbour and xHarbour
(see xhb-diff.txt in folder \harbour\doc)
Contributed by Przemyslaw Czerpak <druzus/at/priv.onet.pl>
(look at ReadMe.txt in folder \harbour)
* Updated: HMGS-IDE v.1.4.0 Project Manager and Two-Way Visual Form Designer.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(look for what's new at changelog.txt in folder \Ide)
* New: 'Windows/HMG internal/RC/Animated and custom cursors' sample.
Based upon a contribution of Pablo Cesar Arrascaeta.
Adapted for Minigui Extended by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see in folder \samples\Basic\CURSOR_2)
* New: 'Show Image from a resource with using of the Stretch clause' sample.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see in folder \samples\Basic\IMAGE)
* New: 'Using of the BosTaurus for drawing of a missing image' sample.
Based upon a contribution of Pablo Cesar Arrascaeta.
Adapted for Minigui Extended by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\BTnoImage)
* New: 'TsBrowse Add New Record with Index Order' sample.
Contributed by SergKis
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\Tsb_addrecord_2)
* Updated: 'Print Pie Graph' sample: updated the data for September 2016.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see demo.prg in folder \samples\Basic\GraphPrint)
* Updated: 'Mini MP3 player' sample is based upon MCI WinAPI:
- added the playing progress bar and numeric title info;
- misc bugfix.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see in folder \samples\Basic\MiniPlayer)
* Updated: 'SplitBox Resize' sample for compatibility with the last Minigui
improvements. Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see demo8.prg in folder \samples\Basic\CONTAINERS\Splitbox)
* Updated: 'Tooltip Balloon usage' samples.
Contributed by Petr Chornyj <myorg63@mail.ru>
(see demos in folder \samples\Basic\Tooltip_Balloon)
* Updated: 'Replacement for Clipper ALERT() function' sample:
- added the missed RELEASE FONT command.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <gfilatov@inbox.ru>
(see in folder \samples\Basic\WALERT_2)
This release is considered stable and ready for production use.

BTW We have a new member of the MiniGUI Team C-guru Petr Chornyj.

Thanks for your attention and support.

Best Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]
Kind Regards,
Grigory Filatov

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." Albert Einstein

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Post by vagblad » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:05 am

Thanks a lot Grigory for your great work. Really appreciate it. And a big welcome and thanks also to Petr.
Vagelis Prodromidis
Email: vagblad@gmail.com, Skype: vagblad

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Roberto Lopez
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Post by Roberto Lopez » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:21 pm

gfilatov wrote:I am glad to announce a new version of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.
Thanks for your GREAT work... as always!


(Veritas Filia Temporis)

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Post by serge_girard » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:03 pm

Thanks Grigory and Welcome to Petr Chornyj !!


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Pablo César
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Post by Pablo César » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:28 pm

Congratulations Mr. Filatov, nice work, nice samples (I'm feeling grateful to make part of it) and good team too.

Welcome Mr. Petr Chornyj.
HMGing a better world
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Post by srvet_claudio » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:25 pm

Roberto Lopez wrote:
gfilatov wrote:I am glad to announce a new version of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.
Thanks for your GREAT work... as always!
Best regards.
Dr. Claudio Soto
(from Uruguay)

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Post by bpd2000 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:40 am

Congratulations Mr. Filatov, and Welcome Mr. Petr Chornyj.
Convert Dream into Reality through HMG

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Post by Steed » Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:43 am


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Post by quartz565 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:34 am

serge_girard wrote:Thanks Grigory and Welcome to Petr Chornyj !!

+ 1
Best Regards,

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