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My generic browse screen shot.

Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:51 am
by dhaine_adp
Source code is not included in here, it's just a screen shot in PPS (power point slide show) and a readme file.

This is just a screen shot for my generic browse class (not tbrowse class) and a sample routine to manage one or more flat tables in one prg source. It was in infancy stage but for me, it would be a great help as an aid for code reused and rapid application prototyping.

The readme contain a simple call on how to used this generic browse class though as of the moment I haven't reached a true generic browse class. The screen shot attached is a product of this generic browse class with all the buttons for a customized table maintenance routine.

Furthermore, anybody knows how I can call HYPERLINK but instead of loading a browser window, it runs a routine or application so that I can removed the grids as depicted on the screen shot?