hmg3: a little Christmas gift for you

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hmg3: a little Christmas gift for you

Post by l3whmg » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:10 pm

Hello everyone.
It is true that was born HMG4, but many of us use HMG3 and so I decided to propose a small upgrade to the functions "MSG ...."; :mrgreen: Obviously, I was inspired by HMG4.

Roberto: HMG is a great job. I hope do you like my tiny job and think of it like a little Christmas gift (too late :cry: ) to you.

Unfortunately, I can not generate the library HMG3 :roll: and then I could not fully verify the goodness of my work :evil: . In fact, as you can see, there is no reference to HMG :shock:
Anyway, I could check the operation with the last version of Harbour (v. 2.1.0 (r?????) nigthly version).
The sources are:
- c_msgbox.c: replace the current
- h_msgbox.prg: replace the current (note 1)
- h_control.prg: a new source in order to new implementations
- test.prg: a program for testing

Note 1. In the official version of "HMG3" there is activation of "ProcessMessages()" at line 154.
I could not put it in the source for the reason that I described above. Also, I can not understand why this statement is only present in the function "MsgBox".

Best regards and Happy New Year to all :)
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