backcolor related to readonly

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backcolor related to readonly

Post by l3whmg » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:57 pm

Hy guys,

Yesterday, I was doing some considerations on three properties of the TextBox control (it also affects other controls) in HMG v. 3 so I looked at the source code in HMG v. 4.

The three properties to which I refer are: readonly, enabled and disabledbackcolor. Before explaining my idea (or suggestion) I want expose my interpretation.

regardless of the visible condition:

- if the property 'readonly' is active, I mean a readable, non-editable, but active (enabled) field.

- if the property "enabled" is equal to true, I mean a readable and editable field because it is active.

- if the property "enabled" is equal to false, I mean a readable, non-editable field because for some specific reason to be inactive (similar but not the same of readonly).

Since I like using color background (to identify and distinguish areas only readable or disabled), I noticed that there is only one property and it is precisely "disabledbackcolor".

Idea / suggestion:
having one property (like disabledbackcolor) to be used if the field is readonly (eg readonlybackcolor). This color property take topmost effect on disabled color.

I tried to check the documentation of the Qt library to see if there is a similar property, but failed to locate it (the documentation).

Perhaps it is premature or not this need is felt, but saw the great and wonderful development of HMG submit this idea seemed right.

Best regards
Luigi from Italy

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