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About HMG Design... RELOADED!

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:43 am
by Roberto Lopez
Hi Again,

I've published today 2.5.6.

It features a new property for Browse and Grid controls called 'HeaderImages'. It is a good sample about 'Consistency'.

I've tried to keep control design and behavior consistent across all GUI objects. This means, that from an HMG programmer perspective, the same things must be done in the same way.

I'll explain with a sample...

The images associated to control elements must be always maneged in the same way (by its name). The images associated with the data displayed by the control must be referenced by its position in an array declared at control creation.

The column headers in grid or browse, are part of the control, so, not associated to data.

The items in a combo are data and are associated to a table or data array.

So, 'HeaderImages' allows to define images for headers directly by its name (file or resource).

Thats all.