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by dragancesu
Fri May 18, 2018 7:45 am
Forum: HMG Samples
Topic: report with huge header
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report with huge header

If you used to make a report like a picture, many columns, a lot of text in the description of the column then you know what is troubling report.jpg This is my solution to this problem, you need to enter the column descriptions and column header text When build (F9) result is a demo.prg , you can co...
by dragancesu
Thu May 17, 2018 5:47 am
Forum: General
Topic: Backup-Restore MariaDB
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Re: Backup-Restore MariaDB

Just UPDATE like

Code: Select all

UPDATE Customers
SET ContactName='Juan'
WHERE Country='Mexico';
Lock table is not necessary
by dragancesu
Tue May 15, 2018 6:25 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Happy Birthday to vagblad !
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Re: Happy Birthday to vagblad !

Happy birthday
by dragancesu
Tue May 15, 2018 5:48 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Today is HMG Day!
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Re: Today is HMG Day!

Happy birthday to Roberto Lopez
by dragancesu
Thu May 10, 2018 6:33 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Program writing
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Re: Program writing

by dragancesu
Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:03 am
Forum: HMG General Help
Topic: msgbox problem
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Re: msgbox problem

What is the QTY, variable or database field?

If the field is then <control>.QTY.Value

where <control> is like Browse, Grid, ...
by dragancesu
Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:22 am
Forum: HMG General Help
Topic: Debugger (I think)
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Re: Debugger (I think)

It's not a good combination to mix the console and graphic mode, and probably it can If the program is console and passes a compilation with a clipper, then build /c myprogram.prg If you want the debugger then add the switch /d p.s. I do not use this, maybe it can If the clipper program is then clip...
by dragancesu
Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:41 pm
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Two PDF Printers
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Re: Two PDF Printers

Ne koristim direktno kreiranje PDF jer ne stampa dobro nasa slova

Stampac je jedan, velicina stane A4/A3 i orjentacija portret/landscape se definise, a pdf stampac ce to da prihvati,
to ne bi trebalo da bude problem

Tako da, samo si nepotrebno komplikovao
by dragancesu
Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:27 am
Forum: Language Related
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I do not know what you expect and what your program looks like

When defining, you can define the size of the button and the size of the image, and therefore adjusts the toolbar

I think that by default, images and text are centered
by dragancesu
Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:43 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Happy Birthday to MigSoft !
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Re: Happy Birthday to MigSoft !

Happy birthdy